Role of Ambassador

Role of Ambassador

The Ambassador is responsible for the safe and efficient running of your game. Any rulings by the Ambassador are to be respected. Please remember that dodgeball is a fun and social sport! We expect all of our Double Rainbow participants to have a “Fun First” attitude about this unique sporting opportunity. There is an emphasis on the players knowing the rules and managing their own actions on the court. Sporting play, fun, inclusion and being social are number one at Double Rainbow.

All teams must provide players to act as ambassadors as listed on the schedule and we encourage all players to volunteer for the ambassador role. Please review the “Role of Ambassador” list and come forward with any questions you may have.

Thank you for ambassadoring games in the DRDL! We couldn’t do it without you!

As an Ambassador your role is to:

1. be knowledgeable of the rules, unbiased, help the game run smoothly, and on time.

2. announce the start of each match “3, 2, 1 Dodgeball”, while counting down with your fingers and arm extended out in front of you parallel to the floor.

3. keep score and collect gold star players names. This information should be passed on to the team leads at the end of the match. The team leads will report score and gold star names online at through the league resource page.

4. remind players of rules that you notice are not being followed between games. Team captains may report infractions to the Ambassador and request that players be reminded of rules. In the event that ambassadors are unsure of the specifics of a rule they may draw on the collective knowledge of the players on site, and teams may respectfully assist ambassadors with clarifying and communicating rules;

5. At the start of each game ambassadors must call folks to centre court and go over some of the basic rules including:

5.1. No drinking alcohol or smoking at DRDL gyms.

5.2. Do not kick or squeeze the balls (ripping the rhino skin wrecks the balls).

5.3. If you are hit you are out.

5.4. When a player is hit with the ball it is their responsibility to call themselves out, the game is based on an honour system. When you are out put up your hand to indicate you are out and move quickly to the wall.

5.5. Choose one side of the gym where your players considered “out” will wait, sit your extra players on the opposing side of the gym. If the benches are set up and both teams agree, out players and extra player may sit together on the bench as long as there is no confusion as to who is playing and who is out.

5.6. If you throw a ball and it is caught you are out and a member of the opposing team can rejoin the game.

5.7. If you block the ball with a ball you are holding and the deflected ball then hits any part of your body and/or your teammates bodies, all hit players are out.

5.8. No head shots! If a person is hit in the head while standing upright, the person is not eliminated, the person who threw the ball, whether intentional or not is eliminated. However, if the person hit in the head while not upright (i.e. bent over, ducking, falling, etc.) they are eliminated and the person who threw the ball is not. If you block a headshot with your hands you are out.

5.9. Watch your feet on the centerline, if you cross the line you are out. Note to Ambassador, this is one rule that you’ll likely have to keep a close eye on.

6. Ambassadors may re-set a match if a dispute arises that cannot be resolved by the players.

7. Halfway through the game Ambassadors should ask teams to switch sides of the court.

8. The last game of the night should be an “all-in” or other fun game. This game does not count towards the score and may be skipped if the teams are not interested or if a tiebreaker game is required (matches may not end in a tie).

As an Ambassador your role is not to act as a referee, nor make calls during a game to determine if a player is in or out.

Helpful hints when ambassadoring

1. When you arrive, assist in lining up the cones 1 foot from the center line. Make sure that after warmup 3 balls are placed on the cones on each side of the center line.

2. While teams are warming up please confirm that all players have signed the DRDL waiver. All players MUST read and sign the waiver.

3. Give players a warning of start time and start the first game 5 minutes after the hour and end 5 minutes before the hour (ex. an 8:00 match should start at 8:05pm and end at 8:55pm).

4. If you are unsure of a rule please access the rule booklet that each team has in their ball bag. If you are still unsure feel free to use the collective knowledge of all players and spectators in the gym. This is a fun and friendly league, we’re all here to help each other!