Code of Conduct

Double Rainbow Dodgeball League Code of Conduct

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Double Rainbow Dodgeball is committed to fostering a safe and welcoming space for all people to enjoy the sport of Dodgeball. All members of the league are encouraged to recognize their roles and responsibilities, on individual, team and community levels, in supporting the maintenance a positive, fun and safe environment based on the core values of mutual respect and inclusiveness.

Every attempt should be made to deal with altercation in the moment.

To support this commitment, DRD holds a zero tolerance policy for improper conduct – ranging from poor sporting behaviour to bullying behaviour to acts of violence. This policy applies to league members (including players, coaches, managers and scorekeepers), umpires, and spectators. The policy requires that all persons participating in DRD sanctioned events demonstrate good sporting behaviour and treat other participants with civility and respect.

The following types of conduct are considered to be in violation of the shared commitment to (1) good sporting behaviour and (2) maintaining a safe and inclusive environment:

  • insulting, slanderous, transphobic, and/or derogatory language, including attempts to deliberately embarrass and misgender people;

  • verbal/physical baiting or taunting;

  • verbal/physical harassment;

  • threatening behaviour, including aggressive physical approaches to another individual or group;

  • intentional physical striking of another individual (including pushing, punching, tripping, shoving, etc);

  • attempting to provoke or entice violence in others;

If you engage in any of the conduct outlined above, then your actions may result in disciplinary action, as defined below.


The DRD Executive has the power to expel, suspend or otherwise discipline Members of the League.

(4) The Executive may expel, suspend or otherwise discipline any Member who in their opinion is guilty of conduct which is improper or unbecoming for a Member of the League, or is likely to endanger the interest or reputation of the League or is a breach of these Bylaws, but the Executive may not expel, suspend or otherwise discipline any Member until that Member has been notified of the proposed action and has been given an opportunity to be heard by the Executive.

Process for Dealing with Policy Breaches

In accordance with the League bylaws, improper conduct (as outlined by this policy) is subject to discipline and may result in loss of membership.

Violations of the Code of Conduct should be made in writing and submitted to the Chair and/or Co-Chair of the Double Rainbow Dodgeball League Executive within a reasonable period of time. The Chair and/or Co-Chair will refer the matter to the Rules and Grievances Committee[1]. In the normal course of action, the Rules and Grievances Committee will review and take action to investigate the violation. Investigation of a violation may include, but is not limited to:

  • Contact and follow up with the Member(s) directly involved within 72 hours of the violation being reported;

  • Gathering of information and/or request for submission of a written statement of the occurrence by the Member(s) directly involved within seven days of the violation being reported;

  • Gathering of verbal and/or written statements of the occurrence from the ambassador, team leads, and/or other key witnesses to the occurrence within seven days of the violation being reported.

Once information has been gathered, and before any disciplinary action is taken, the Member(s) accused of violation will be given the opportunity to be heard by the Rules and Grievances Committee and Executive.

At the conclusion of the investigation process, the Rules and Grievances Committee will decide upon disciplinary action and will put a recommendation forward to the Executive for a final decision. The recommendation will necessarily include: a description of the violation, a summary of the context in which the violation occurred as well as the information gathered, key considerations that informed the decision, and the recommended disciplinary action.

It is up to the Executive to rule on the recommended disciplinary action. If the recommended action is not approved, the Executive will be responsible for determining an alternate course of action based on consideration of the information put forward. Once a decision is reached, the Rules and Grievances Committee will communicate the decision in person and/or in writing to the Member(s) involved.

Depending on the extent and severity of the behaviour, and/or repeat incidences of the behaviour, penalties could include: temporary or permanent probation (including league membership conditions, such as limitations on participation in certain divisions as a player or spectator), suspension from some or all League events and activities for a specified period of time, or a permanent expulsion from the League.

In the case of a situation where violence has occurred or been threatened, the Executive may require the offending Member to immediately cease attendance at all DRD functions, including all League games, in advance of a scheduled hearing. This temporary suspension pending resolution of disciplinary proceedings cannot be appealed. In addition, where appropriate, the League may choose to refer the matter to the Vancouver Police Department.

Rules and Grievances Committee

The Rules and Grievances Committee will include a Team Representative from each of the League divisions, as well as the DRD League Chair and or Co-Chair. Memberships on the Rules and Grievances Committee will be renewed each season, with appointments to the Committee approved by the Executive.


All decisions on disciplinary matters made by the Rules and Grievances Committee can be appealed by the Team Rep for the individual’s team. All appeals must be made within 24 hours of the decision in order to be considered. Appeals must be typed and submitted in person or via e-mail to the DRD Chair and Co-Chair.

All appeals will be directed to the Executive. Appeals cannot be made regarding decisions over a one game suspension.

[1] In the event of a conflict of interest with a member of the Rules and Grievances Committee (i.e. a player on the team of one of the parties) that person will recuse themselves and will be replaced by a member of the DRD Executive.

This document has been used and modified with permission from the Mabel League Executive.