2017-2018 Schedule

All Games are 50 minutes long

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We received great feedback through our end of season 2016-2017 survey. Two comments that rang very clear were that people wanted to play their friends more times before we split into two divisions and less competitive teams didn’t want to play more competitive teams as often. So, in an effort to address these comments we have made some changes to the scheduling this season.

From September 12th – November 14th each team will play two 25 minute games against two different teams and ambassador two game over 2 hrs. This will create more opportunity to cheer other teams on, meet new people from other teams and build a stronger dodgeball community.

After November 14 when we divide into our two divisions we will go back to regular season play of one 50 minute games with cross divisional play between the top and bottom of Div 2 and Div 1.

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